When it comes to pricing, we believe in being upfront and transparent.

Our goal is to offer high value junk removal solutions at a fair price. Our pricing is based on the volume of material and content that is removed from your home or property – meaning what the items are and how much space they take up in our truck. Not on the amount of time we spend at your location. Unlike some of our competitors who charge an additional hourly rate should the job exceed more then two hours.  Our prices and estimates include all the labor, disposal fees, travel time, and fuel. Most jobs fall under the standard rates. However jobs involving construction debris, concrete, etc. may incur additional charges due to the extra weight and labor.

The easiest way to get an estimate is to call us with a list of the items that you need removed. Our staff can give you a ball park estimate over the phone and schedule an appointment for a free on-site estimate. After a quick survey of the items, we will explain our services, and give you a no-obligation, firm price. If you agree to the price, our crews are always ready to do the job immediately. And if not, no worries, we thank you for opportunity and hope to win your business in the future. Unlike other less reputable junk hauling companies, Junkzilla will never offer low-ball estimates and then present you with an inflated price once on-site.

You can be confident that our pricing is always upfront and there are never any hidden fees or unexplained charges. Until you agree to the price, you are under no obligation.

Our truck bed is one of the largest in the industry measuring 16’ x 8’ x 6’ for a storage capacity of over 28 cubic yards, while most of the competition can barely offer 15 cubic yards of space. When you compare our prices to our competitors, please keep in mind, that you are comparing apples to walnuts.

Minimum Load – $120

1/4 Load – $200

1/3 Load – $275

1/2 Load – $400

Full Load – $800